Who are we?

Becas Vallarta is a non-profit Organization, in charge of obtaining funds in order to carry out a scholarship program for low income students, who have academic excellence, in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

Our Organization is legally constituted and incorporated into IJAS (Jalisco Institute of Social Assistance). It is authorized to provide tax deductible receipts at the national and international level, as we have the CLUNI registry that is the official government stamp of approval.

Our scholarships provide economic support, which allows the students to pursue and graduate with the degree they have chosen. We initiate this process at the Secondary, High School and University levels, and give them continuity until they have obtained their degree.


To provide scholarships to low income students, with an excellent academic record, in Puerto Vallarta, so that they may improve their quality of life, become self-sufficient and contribute to the progress of the community.


To be a Non-Profit Organization that provides honest and transparent functioning, and focuses all of its efforts to reduce school dropout rates in our city, by means of granting academic scholarships.


To increase our fundraising and institutional support capabilities and form diverse alliances that will strengthen and allow more opportunities to an increasing number of students in Puerto Vallarta.

Message from the President

"At this moment there are great needs and differences in regards to the needs and opportunities of children and youth in our region, many of them with dreams of getting ahead and hopes which are dashed as they are faced with the realities of life in their families.

Many of our former scholarship winners, are successful professionals today and fully aware that education is one of the most effective means of eradicating poverty and promoting the competency of young people. We believe that this is a sure strategy to fully exercise citizenship and contribute to a culture of peace.

I thank all those who have participated and believed in our mission, and who have collaborated in the transformation of hundreds of lives with the conviction that education is the main motor which drives advancement towards a more balanced society".

Mariel de Fregoso President