Testimonials Becas Vallarta A.C.

In the past 56 years we have supported five generations of students and presently have 225 scholarship recipients

Becas Vallarta A.C. supports children who receive scholarships starting in the second year of secondary school and continuing until they receive their degree from the university.

Recent Testimonials

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    Gloribel Jesús Flores

    She is 15 years old and is in the third year of Secondary studies at the Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena School Number 119 has a grade point average of 9.9

    - "Becas Vallarta means a great help and gives me the initiative to continue fighting to get ahead in my studies and to be able to attain a great career"

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    Edgar Tomás Bobadilla

    He is 15 years old and is presently in the third year of Secondary school at the Ignacio L. Vallarta foránea Number 49, his average is 9.4

    - "To be able to count on the help from Becas is an inspiration in order to achieve the goals I have set, thank you"

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    Tania Lizbeth Zavala

    She is at Secondary School number 119, her grade point average is 9.9.

    - "Receiving the scholarship is a source of great pride for me as it is a great achievement and I know it will help foster my academic studies. I am not going to waste this enormous help which you provide for me, thank you"

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    Nancy Chávez Arreguin

    She is in her third year at Technical School number 56, she is 15 and her grade point average is 9.4

    - "For me it is a great help as it is a benefit for my family and me to become better prepared and improve every day"